Cultivating a Leader's Brand


This (live or virtual) program helps executives understand a leader’s brand and the process of identifying and defining your own impactful brand. Mike Brian takes a proven, strategic branding process and adapts it for leaders. In this keynote speech, Mike will entertain and educate with examples of how to strategically plan and manage your brand, enabling you to become a more effective and motivating leader.

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Learning Objectives

Identifying your brand: Learn how to define your current brand/reputation and objectively look at how it’s impacting your ability to lead, as well as its impact on your company.

Strategic Plan: Map out your strategic plan to develop, maintain or change your brand. You’ll define goals and benchmarks to fuel your progress.

The ROI: Learn how your leader’s brand will increase your value by cultivating trust and equity across all levels within your company. Learn how this new mindset will bleed over into your personal life and generate a happier, more fulfilling life.


Participants will recognize key elements in their current brand and techniques to enhance and expand it.

Participants will understand the impact of branding and how it’s an integral part of an organization’s image and future.

Attendees will have a structure to work with in their quest for more professionalism and a better leadership attitude.

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