Presenter Evolution


Presentation skills are the most overlooked and underdeveloped skills in corporate America today. People get promoted and find themselves needing more training for presentations and public speaking. This (live or virtual) program offers participants the primary skills and techniques that will quickly make them better presenters and have more impact in their career.

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Learning Objectives

Confidence: Learn how to navigate the causes of presentation stress and overcome your anxieties. Turn your fears into fuel.

Preparation: Learn how to plan presentations with powerful information and persuasive emotion. Introduction to a proprietary planning tool – The Presentation Cadence Chart.

Connection: Learn how to connect with your audience via alignment tools and strategic storytelling.


Your organization will reap the benefits of better presenters representing your brand.

Employees will experience professional growth and feel more confident in their jobs.

Your brand, effectiveness and professional image will increase with better presenters.

Recommended Add-Ons

3-Hour Presenter Evolution (Live or Virtual)

This workshop takes participants through the process of becoming a better presenter by addressing common issues and providing proven techniques to help them develop their presenting superpower.

3-Hour Planning & Cadence (Live or Virtual)

Planning a presentation is the most important step to becoming a great presenter. In this workshop, participants get beyond the outdated methods of developing a presentation. Participants will learn how to use a Presentation Cadence a proprietary planning tool developed by Mike Brian, professional speaker and communications expert. Presentation Cadence is designed to combine information with emotion to deliver a deeper and more meaningful connection with the audience.

3-Hour Connection (Live or Virtual)

Stories are an effective tool to enhance communication in any presentation. In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify stories, document and develop them using the proprietary Story Grid and Story Cadence Chart. Well-told stories are powerful for connecting at the heart level with everyone.

Presenter/Coaching Event (Live or Virtual)

This is a streamlined presentation format event where participants plan and develop a 10-slide, five-minute  presentation on a subject about which they are passionate. Their presentation is filmed and afterward, one of our coaches will provide them with a one-on-one consultation that includes personalized feedback and a custom plan for improvement.

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