The Influencer Equation


An influencer is a person who has the ability to form and change another’s opinion or behavior. Influencers have an unmatched power to impact people who would ordinarily be unaffected by typical communication tools and strategies. We have learned over decades of work and research that becoming a professional influencer is a powerful leadership skill that builds brand equity. It goes far beyond being popular or loud. A true influencer exemplifies trust, respect, admiration, value and a meaningful relationship.

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Learning Objectives

Identify the elements of influence: Learn what makes someone influential and what makes them attractive to others.

What are your influential attributes? Identify key attributes that people are looking for in those who lead them.

Define your influencer equation: What are the factors in your equation that will attract the audience you want to influence.

Create a plan: Learn how to develop both short and long-term plans that measure the impact of your influence equation.

Mobilizing and managing your equation: Target audiences change. As your career develops, you’ll find you need to modify your equation to impact new people. Simple changes in your equation will help you remain effective and relevant.


(live or virtual) Attendees will understand how their influence is impacting others and how to manage their influence through simple, yet effective tools and techniques.

Organizations will attain more ‘impact aware’ employees who become powerful leaders.

As organizations embrace the influencer equation, their employees will feel more valued and respected and therefore, more loyal.

Attendees will understand the value and impact of their influence on audiences, which motivates them to become better leaders.

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3-Hour The Influencer Equation (Live or Virtual)

Influence is more than just a social media buzzword, and it’s more powerful than any advertising medium. People with influence are trusted. This workshop will help participants see the value of their influence and tune themselves to see how they can be more influential with those they lead.

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