What My Clients 
Have To Say

“WOW! Mike really knows his stuff. It's nice to hear From someone with real-world experience.”

Lifetime | March 2022

We had Mike come in to work with a group of our leadership team. They LOVED his programs and we ended up hiring him to do all 6 programs. We spread them out over a year and by the end, Mike felt like one of our team. 

We’re bringing him back for our leadership program next year. 


“Hands Down, the best keynote i've ever seen."
Mike Brian Gray coat

“I can't wait to hear from him again.”

We have heard Mike several times at our annual UDOT Conference. He always delivers amazing content. We decided to bring him in-house to work with our team and it was amazing.

He has an uncanny ability to communicate delicate and complicated topics to people that have little exposure to them. Our people are not organic communicators, but Mike’s program gave them a foundation to build on that is easy to understand and implement. He’s amazing. 

Chad Shepick | UDOT Motor Carrier Division

“our entire Leadership team loved him.”

Jodi Lunt, Davis County School District

Having Mike speak to our group was amazing. First of all, he is incredibly experienced in all things communications. Having over 40 years of experience running an advertising agency gave him what he needs to really understand our needs. 

But, the best part is the actual presentation. It is full of information, extremely profession and so entertaining. He took us on a journey and we all came away with action items to enhance our lives. 

We’ll book him again!

Virtual Studio Mike Brian

“What an amazing Virtual experience. We forgot we were online.”

We HAD to watch Mike give a Zero Fatalities presentation before my son could get his license. It is a new rule in Utah. At first I was kind of ticked off that I had to take an hour out of my day when my son is taking Driver’s Ed in school. 

BUT, now that I have experienced Mike’s presentation I wanted to set the record straight. WOW, it was amazing and we were blown away how interactive and engaging it was virtually. 

The presentation itself was amazing but Mike made it really applicable to us and I can tell you – he probably saved our lives. 

The best virtual presentation I’ve ever seen – bar none.

Thank you – and keep up the good work.

Brian Foster | Parent

“Our attendees raved about mike brian”
22.10.2019 - Talia & Brenden