What Mike's Clients 
Have To Say

“WOW! Mike really knows his stuff. It's nice to hear From someone with real-world experience.”

“Mike has done an incredible job of connecting with this audience in such a way that the entire energy of the room is elevated for the evening. He truly inspires the crowd and helps us put our gratitude into words. His stories are clever, compelling and hilarious but he also connects with the audience in a deeply relatable way. It is clear that Mike takes the time to know his audience.

Long after the event is over, our operating board members have all commented on the experience of listening to him present and how much his energy and enthusiasm adds to the evening. We’ve been really fortunate to be able to work with him and greatly value the expertise he brings to the room.”

Lindee B. Nance | Harmons

“Hands Down, the best keynote i've ever seen."

"Mike Has The Experience To Back Up What He Presents"

“What was very important to me in selecting Mike to speak to our leadership is that he has over 35 years of actual experience in the marketing and communications field. He is more than a performer. He brings real proven solutions.”

Jodi Lunt – Executive Director, Davis Education Foundation

Jodi Lunt Davis School District
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Mike Brian Gray coat

“...he taught us HOW you present a message”

“In an effort to step-up the quality of our presentation skills, KSL TV solicited the services of MIke Brian. He taught us the value of a message and telling a story.  But more importantly, he taught us the value of HOW you present that message or tell that story. To present a message with precision, quality, and visual excitement makes all the difference. 

The bi-product of his tutelage was a distinct increase of confidence, professionalism and revenues.”

Mark Wiest | KSL Television, NBC Utah

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"Mike is able to customize his message to our audience"

“Mike has become a regular at our conferences. People have actually requested that he came back as a speaker. He relates to them and they leave motivated and glad they came.”

Rick Clasby – Utah Trucking Association

“our entire Leadership team loved him.”

“Mike’s professional guidance and leadership in building presentations and my personal brand has been invaluable to me. His system organizes and simplifies presentations, and it gives you the confidence required to be a dynamic and effect speaker regardless of your experience.  This system is a must whether it’s your first time presenting or you are a seasoned professional.”

Kyle Bennett, Communications Executive, Mining

Virtual Studio Mike Brian

“What an amazing Virtual experience. We forgot we were online.”

“We HAD to watch Mike give a Zero Fatalities presentation before my son could get his license. It is a new rule in Utah. At first I was kind of ticked-off that I had to take an hour out of my day when my son is already taking Driver’s Ed at his school. 

BUT, now that I have experienced Mike’s presentation I wanted to set the record straight. WOW, it was amazing and we were blown away how interactive and engaging it was virtually. 

The presentation itself was amazing but Mike made it really applicable to us and I can tell you – he probably saved our lives. 

The best virtual presentation I’ve ever seen – bar none.

Thank you – and keep up the good work.”

Brian Foster | Parent

“Our attendees raved about mike brian”
Economic Summit

"Mike brought a high level of visual creativity"

“I have been working with Mike Brian for over 25 years. He introduced me to multi-media presenting and was instrumental in my career as my presentation coach along with several of my senior leaders in two of the nation’s largest financial institutions. Mike brought a high level of visual creativity and professional speaking experience to every event. From coaching our presenters to developing our event multi-media and stage decor.

Working with Mike behind and in front of the curtain has been an amazing journey for me. I believe his presentation cadence technique is both revolutionary and incredibly effective. The ability of visualizing the rhythm and tempo of your presentation doesn’t just make it better, it makes it truly connect with your audience.”

Mike McKean – National Financial Consultant

"I knew the Success of our event hinged on the speaker - mike delivered"

“It’s always risky when you select a new speaker for your event. That speaker can make or break your event. When Mike started speaking, the president of our company turned to me and said, “he’s great” – I felt like the smartest person in the room. What really made him stand out to me is that he did the research to know our audience. He was in contact with us several times before the event to make sure what he was going to present would resonate with them. 

The response from our clients was overwhelming. They loved Mike. The next year we decided to try another speaker and the feedback was good, but several of our clients asked if we could just bring Mike back again. He is now our standing date and our clients love it.”

Lindee Nance – VP Marketing

Lindee Nance - VP Marketing Harmons
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