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Over the years as Mike has worked in the marketing and communications space, he has been charged by clients to help them enhance their leadership teams skills and motivate them to evolve to a new level of manager. 

His workshops are designed to be interactive and provide real-world tools for each attendee. 

He focuses on evaluating each participant to make sure that he can deliver information and tools that will help them at any level. 

Workshops are powerful tools that enable your company to reach your leaders with a 3rd person perspective and experience outside of your vertical industry. 

Mike’s experience and workshops are designed to open their eyes and motivate them to be better at their job. That creates retention and value for your leaders.

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Presenter Evolution

Presenter Evolution has 4 independent workshops. Each workshop is from 1 to 3 hours and can be broken down into multiple increments as needed. The workshops each have a unique focus in the general topic of presentations and are extensions of Mike’s book Presenter Evolution published in 2020 and available on Amazon. If these workshops are taken in succession, attendees will have the skills needed to become expert presenters – a skill that will increase their value dramatically.

1. Presenter Skills

Presenting is one of the most feared events by the human race, over being burned by fire and sometimes even death. This workshop is designed to help participants gain insight on how to control and leverage their nerves, prepare with purpose and connect with their audience both large and small. A results-oriented workshop for beginners or seasoned professionals delivering practical techniques that can be put to use instantly to make presenting easier and more impactful for their audience.

2. Cadence and Planning

Presentations that fail are usually a product of poor planning. Current planning techniques are usually tools adapted from other disciplines like writing a paper. Presentations that are well planned go beyond the information. They are designed to achieve a designated outcome and engage the emotions of the audience. This workshop is for people that are planning their own presentations or developing them for others. 

3. Connecting with the audience

In this workshop, attendees will learn why emotions play a vital role in presentations. They’ll also discover the power of a story and how it engages the “7-year-old” in their audience. Also, they’ll get custom tools to help them identifying and cultivating their stories. This workshop is for presenters that want to connect with their audience at a much deeper level – generating greater impact. 

4. Pitching Cage Event

The ‘Pitching Cage Event’ is a live event where the participants will build a maximum of 10 slides in a 5 minute presentation. Each participant will deliver it to the group and they will be videotaped. Each presentation will be evaluated and a scoring sheet with feedback will be give to each person as well as a link to their video for reference. This event is for people that want to improve their presentation skills with personal coaching feedback. 

Power Stories

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Power Stories

The ability to tell great stories is arguably one of the most valuable skills in the world. Storytelling enables people to communicate on a deeper more emotional level. Power Stories cultivate deep relationships, persuade people to change behaviors and initiate transactions. 

Power Stories are stories that are strategically designed. They go beyond the emotional connection and entertainment value and enable the storyteller with the ability to motivate their audience to take action. 

Crafting power stories using the ‘Story Cadence’ will enable participants to communicate more effectively,  build influence and lead others in their decision process.

Mike is the creator of the National Speakers Association “Last Story Standing” National Storytelling competition. He works with professional storytellers and speakers across the globe in coaching, judging and selecting the nations best storyteller in their national event. 

Branding Model

Developing a Leader's Brand

In this workshop attendees will learn what branding really means and how it has been diluted over time. A pure understanding will help them know how to leverage their brand better. They’ll also experience the professional branding process of Mike’s 35-year-old communications and branding agency, learn why brands work and how they generate loyalty and followers.

Leadership Branding is a evolutionary process and, whether they believe it or not,  it has already begun. This workshop will help leaders align and manage their personal brands to positively impact their teams. It is a life altering workshop that will help participants achieve their hopeful future with a solid strategic branding plan.

 A bi-product of this workshop is your attendees will see your company brand in a new light with a deeper understanding of its purpose and power in growing the future of the company. 
Influence Equation

The Influence Equation

What is influence and how does in impact us? Influence is a force that can be used to motivate people. The Influencer Equation is an actual equation that will help attendees isolate the components of influence and measure their current values in each category. 

Influence is a powerful tool in causing or managing behavior. Leaders that know the power of their influence cultivate relationships with their team that is unique and powerful. 

Attendees will also learn how influence can be used both positively and negatively. Learning how to cultivate influence with others will help them create an environment wherein they can leverage their influence for good and manage the behavior of their teams. 

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