"Isn't it time we met?"

After nearly 35 years in the marketing, advertising, communication and presentation industries I have successfully developed programs to teach my experience to others. My programs are designed to enlighten people with real-world strategies that are proven and effective.

Mike Brian Workshop

Over 35 years of experience in the marketing and Communications game

I started my career as a marketing executive in a regional Travel Agency. During that time I was charged to help our sales team with a new presentation – competitors were starting to gain ground on us. For the next 5 years my efforts grew the company over 20% per year. 

Two years later I broke out as an entrepreneur launching a company that built professional presentations for sales, training and events. My company also developed websites virtually at the inception of the internet. 

In 2002, I merged my company with a leading regional advertising agency to developed their interactive and internet marketing product offering. 

20 years later, after working with clients in the entire spectrum of marketing and communications, I left the advertising game and developed powerful leadership training workshops and keynote speeches to share my experiences throughout my career. My hope is that I can motivate people while educating them on tools and skills that evolve their abilities with minimal learning curve. 

Published Author of "Presenter Evolution"

This book is a culmination of my 40 year career in both building professional presentations and training the techniques of professional presenting. From lone-wolf entrepreneurs to corporate executives at Fortune 100 companies. My techniques will make ANYONE a better presenter. 

Within Presenter Evolution I show a proprietary development system called ‘Cadencing’. Which is a rhythm based development tool that helps people strategically organize their content with both their information and their emotional objectives in mind. 

No matter what the situation is, people need both kinds of stimulation to retain the information presented at an optimal level. We have been trained since we were children to trust our emotions when making decisions. If your presentation doesn’t leverage an emotional strategy, your impact will be diminished. People WANT to be moved. It’s your job as the presenter to move them. 

Presenter Evolution Book

About Penna Powers

Penna Powers is a regional Marketing, Advertising and Communications company headquartered in Utah. I have been fortunate to be a partner with this firm for 20 years. I merged my multi-media company (ProClix) with them in 2002 following a project we collaborated on for the 2002 Winter Olympics. 

I retired from the agency in December 2022 and embarked full-time on my speaking and coaching career. 

My partners, leadership team and staff are an amazing group of the smartest, most creative people on the planet. Listed below are some of our accomplishments and a video about the agency produced in 2022 by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce for an awards banquet where Penna Powers was honored as the Small Business of the Year in Utah.


Penna Powers Holiday Cards were legendary and had their fair share of exposure with the local news stations.

Clients anticipated them every year. 

Penna Powers Holiday Card