Keynote Presentations That Will Leave Your Attendees Educated, Motivated And Impressed.

Presenter Evolution

Empowering good communicators to become GREAT communicators.

Communication is more than distributing information. Many of the greatest communicators in the would attribute their training in the presentation skill has been their most valuable investment. That is because the ability to present better bleeds over into both macro and micro communication situations. 

The ability to identify your audience, strategically prepare to communicate and connect with them at a deeper level has been shown to improve retention and impact. 

This keynote will provide attendees with powerful skills to work on that will improve their ability to communicate and deliver messages with more impact. 

They will also realize that a great presenter is an excellent communicator. 

Presenter Evolution Book

Power Stories

Strategic stories that motivate action.

Story’s are the secret weapon for successful business people, whether they believe it or not. Being able to construct a story with a strategic purpose is a skill that doesn’t just come from having the ‘gift of gab’.

In Mike’s Power Stories keynote he will take attendees through the three stage process of story building for success.

 1. Discover

How to find your stories, not just random events but strategic stories that can be used in their work. 

 2. Develop

How to develop stories so that they are worth more than a banter at AppleBees. Stories that carry impact and can generate tangible results.

3. Deliver

Strategically appropriate times to use a story. The risks for using a story in the wrong context. 

This Keynote is more than just convincing people that they need to tell stories. This keynote is practical strategic application that will make their stories more impactful.

Attendees will learn how to use Mike’s Story Cadence, a rhythm based tool that will empower them to craft their stories in a structure that will work every time.

Storyatomy 7 minute demo video
Play Video about Storyatomy 7 minute demo video


How to proactively face change for a positive trajectory. 

Change is going to happen whether we want it to or not. The change event itself is often unmanageable. But, the impact of that change on people can be managed in two ways – passively or actively. Changency is the power people have to manage their future following change. 

This keynote dive’s deep into change and the ability we have to adapt to it. Some changes are literally life changing. How we react to those changes will determine the long-term impact it will have on our lives. 

Nearly 30 years ago, sitting in his office on a traumatic phone call, Mike completely lost his hearing. He is currently over 80% deaf. Adapting to that in the marketing, advertising and communications industry was monumental. But, once he realized that he had the power to manage the impact of that change, he developed a process to help others engage their Changency. The choice is yours – the rewards are as well.

The Leader's Brand

Build and position your brand so people will WANT to follow you.

The word BRAND has been beat up, modified, re-interpreted and misused over the past several years. True branding is an art form that requires a great deal of structural attention. 

Over the years Mike has found that the true branding process can be leveraged by individuals to manage the brand that they currently have. Most people don’t even think they have a brand. EVERYONE has a brand. 

This keynote will demonstrate a proven branding process that can be leveraged by people to identify their current brand and cultivate a brand that people will WANT to follow. 

Your attendees will have a renewed respect for their brand/reputation and the tools they need to become a more influential leader.